Every Once In a While

Every once in a while, a photograph I take stands out from all the rest. Sometimes it’s the composition, sometimes it’s the subject itself, sometimes it’s dynamic or interesting lighting, or sometimes it’s a strike of imagination that I catch off the cuff and I capture it. When I shot my friend’s twins’ 2nd birthday party at a jungle gym play place two weeks ago, this photo is a combination of all of those criteria in one.

ChristianSophiaBirthday2017 (10 of 95)
Canon 70D Settings: f3.2, 1/40 seconds, ISO400, Bounce flash.
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A Moment Extended

Every once in a while as I am learning photography, I dive into longer shutter speeds.

You’ve seen photos at all different shutter speeds. At times the photographer wants to freeze everything in the frame with a really fast shutter; at other times, the photographer will try to get some motion blur with a bit of a slower shutter speed. Sometimes, with a much longer shutter speed, one can achieve something incredible and visually appealing.

This is my humble attempt at playing around with a longer shutter over the past year.

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