Colandrea Maternity Photoshoot – December 10th, 2016

Although we wound up going out on the coldest day of the season so far (the high was only 36 degrees!), that didn't get Angela and Michael down at all. In fact, you could feel the warmth between them as they're patiently (okay, anxiously) awaiting their first baby due next month! We took a stroll... Continue Reading →

Noelle Rae – Three Months Old: January 31st, 2016

This little lady has now graduated from being a newborn to being an infant. Her personality is starting to shine through, and you can even see this personality in the photos below. It's hard to believe she's already a quarter of a year old. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Sloane Rose Newborn Photos – July 4th, 2015

What a beautiful little girl with a sweet temperament and laid-back personality!  At only six days old, Sloane was the perfect model for this impromptu newborn session.  Aside from the festive July 4th outfit, Sloane also had a slew of "costumes" to wear: she was a range of animals from a turtle to a snail... Continue Reading →

Sloane Rose – June 28th, 2015

This was such an exciting and lovely day! As of 4:32pm on Sunday, June 28th 2015, we all got a new family member as Sloane Rose entered our world, and let me tell you: love is the best word I can use to describe this experience; as you look through the pictures and relive our... Continue Reading →

Gender Reveal – June 1st, 2015

What a fun and creative photoshoot to reveal our first baby's gender to the world! It's interesting to note that we took off our wedding bands for the picture in anticipation of the paint, but if you look closely, you can still see their indents on our ring fingers in that first image. Also, like... Continue Reading →

Mucha Maternity Shoot – May 17th, 2015

This was such a fun and exciting shoot! I don't think the wife and I had laughed as much or as hard in a long time as we had during this shoot. Not even the "60% chance of an afternoon thunderstorm" could stop the sunshine radiating from this couple. To begin, Alan had proposed to... Continue Reading →

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