Every Once In a While

Every once in a while, a photograph I take stands out from all the rest. Sometimes it's the composition, sometimes it's the subject itself, sometimes it's dynamic or interesting lighting, or sometimes it's a strike of imagination that I catch off the cuff and I capture it. When I shot my friend's twins' 2nd birthday... Continue Reading →

88MPH Promo Photoshoot

A few months back, 88MPH and I teamed up for a photoshoot to help build the band's press kit and online presence. Previously, I've shot a number of live shows for them, but they were missing the professional, clean, and presentable photo of the band together. Here are some highlights from that session. Because these... Continue Reading →

Art within Art within Art (Art Inception)

This is arguable the most "artistic" and meta of the photos I've taken this calendar year. Here's the set up for this image. Every Saturday and Sunday morning, I wake up before the wife since I'm on teacher schedule and I'm lucky to sleep until 7am. I'll come out to the living room, and while... Continue Reading →

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