Happy 3rd Birthday, Maddy & Rosy!

Before I get to the fun photos from this past weekend celebrating my favorite twins' 3rd birthday, I can't help but reflect on my photography journey at this point. Let's rewind back to about three years ago. Three years ago, my wife convinced me to pursue a passion of mine by buying my first DSLR,... Continue Reading →

Clayton Wedding Party – August 22nd, 2015

My wife was asked to be a part of Emily's bridal party for her wedding in August of 2016. Of course she was thrilled to be a part of it, and this past weekend the full wedding party was invited out to a picnic for a day to hang out and get to spend some... Continue Reading →

On the Wings of a Dream

To live a fulfilling life, one must experience all sorts of emotions and feelings. Life is never a static plane of existence; rather, it's a collective sum of a variety of experiences, all for better and worse. We've all heard that we need to experience the rain in order to appreciate the sunshine, but life... Continue Reading →

The Twins’ First MDW – 5.24.15

It's always such a pleasure to see the twins, and even more so when they are down in our neck of the woods as we are an hour and a half away or so and it's not exactly a hop, skip, and jump away for Katy and Bryan to visit.  It's pretty incredible to have... Continue Reading →

McGrath Baby Shower – Part One – May 16th, 2015

The morning showers and rain cleared up for a beautiful afternoon baby shower for Travis and Jonnelly this past Saturday. After weeks of planning down to the finest details such as the pink and blue cupcakes, the salt water taffy favors, the unique guest book, and the fun interactive games, it was beautiful to see... Continue Reading →

Lopez-Biddulph Bridal Shower – May 9th, 2015

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending my friend Karen's bridal shower. Our paths have crossed when we worked at the same school a few years ago (she teased me for wearing Polo shirts for most of new teacher orientation, and I teased her for showing up late with Dunkin Donuts coffee and... Continue Reading →

J.A.B. at Shady Katie’s – May 8th, 2015

Just Another Band rocked Shady Katie's in New Jersey again on Saturday, May 8th.  Playing for an intimate, smaller crowd, the band brought the party to the scene and entertained all who came out.

J.A.B. at Ott’s Township – April 18, 2015

New Jersey's own Just Another Band brought the party to Ott's Township at Sewell, NJ on a warm spring Saturday night in April; what started as a quiet and calm evening at a bar ended with what can best be described as a raging fraternity party with the highest quality live-band entertainment, a dazzling light show, and... Continue Reading →

A Day At The Park

One of my favorite local bands during high school, The Youth Ahead, named their sophomore release A Day At The Park. The album featured photos of a local park where my friends and I used to hang out from time to time, but I never really found any appreciation for or meaning behind the title.... Continue Reading →

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