Every Once In a While

Every once in a while, a photograph I take stands out from all the rest. Sometimes it's the composition, sometimes it's the subject itself, sometimes it's dynamic or interesting lighting, or sometimes it's a strike of imagination that I catch off the cuff and I capture it. When I shot my friend's twins' 2nd birthday... Continue Reading →


Pinterest has such fantastic ideas for my photography! I've only started building out some photography ideas on pinterest, but I can see this board growing into a resource for fresh and new ideas as well as a fantastic point to begin a conversation of the kind of photographs one would like out of a session.... Continue Reading →

Portfolio Update

I've spent the last week or so renovating and updating my portfolio. I've changed some titles around because my photography has started changing as I've been honing and crafting my style and approach to the art. The biggest change is that I've omitted the "Nature & Wildlife" section (this link is to the old page). As... Continue Reading →

New Venture

Wait, where's the photo? Isn't this your photography blog, Austin? Yes it is, but this post is not about sharing a specific photo or a set from a shoot. This post is about a new endeavor I'm taking up to help out my photography, and I am very excited to dive head first into this.... Continue Reading →

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